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This site is setup as a hub for offering services as they become available as well as to assist myself, any possible future volunteers and anyone that is getting assistance from the site in any regard to help easier management and organization. As time goes on more and more services will be added which you will be able to find on the Services page. I will do my best to assist and have all relative material that you may need on any services offered. All I ask is to please be patient with any requests as this is a one person operation at this time.

About us

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Hello my name is Mike, I have always enjoyed learning different things in regards to tech and websites. Everything I know is from being self taught, I am slowly working myself towards becoming a IT tech, this site is the start of me using the infromation technology of the world wide web in offering web based tech support. My personal project site (firesdomain.com) is my personal project in continue learning how to connect different php based pages with other services ran on the site(s).